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Middle management - Motivation generation by the stimulus system using 3P Framework

The stimulus system is always changing

  • People constantly grow and change. The stimulus that gives us satisfaction today may not do so tomorrow. Going for the same stimulus that does not work anymore may even decrease motivation in work.
  • In Team Building, the Leader must recognize the changes and growth of each member to change their stimulus accordingly.

Pleasure – Pressure - Pride

  • 3P Framework is a method to generate motivation and growth in the members through the change in Quantity and Quality of their work.
  • 3P is the abbreviation for

          - Pleasure

          - Pressure

          - Pride

3P transformation chart

Pressure -> Pleasure

  • A young girl is in her second year at the company. She is Defense type, and is assigned the job of document sorting, document writing and project assistant. She is enjoying the satisfaction from the stimulus Pressure, therefore, she doesn’t get tired from learning on the job, the hardship or the constant overtime working.
  • 5 months into the project, she seems to know the job well. When asked if she feels tired, she answered OK despite the tiredness shown in her eyes.
  • It is time to switch the stimulus to Pleasure by changing the nature of her job, for example, by giving her less document work and giving her a programming job. Surely she will enjoy the new job.

Pleasure -> Pride

  • A male staff has been working at the company for 3 years. Programming for 1 year, he has got used to the coding job and starts to have the excess energy. He will get bored doing the same job. It is time the leader set a new goal for him.
  • Let’s give him a more difficult job: take him out of this project, assign him to be the sub-leader for another minor project, or keep him in this job but give him a more difficult technical task.

Pride -> Pressure

  • A technical staff who is experienced and is always in charge of the core work of the project. He is proud of his work and the leader also finds his work efficiency satisfactory.
  • Recently, the toughest coding job has been completed, he started to act on his own and the leader could not control him. Sometimes he wasn’t paying attention as well.
  • It is time to increase the workload for him, the leader should not only assign him the project tasks but also a new technical job for other related projects. He may feel the pressure, but being the type that will not give up, he would focus in order to finish the job, and would likely find a new joy in overcoming the pressure of the big workload.

The spiral of growth


  • 3P Framework is the method to generate growth and motivation by changing the quantity or quality of the job depending on the change in the stimulus.
  • There are 3 stimuli: Pleasure, Pressure and Pride.
  • These 3P will help a Member grow in an upward spiral direction. The Leader must always be aware which stimulus is affecting each member.


  • What is your stimulus among the 3P? If it is not one of the 3P, what might it be? Think about it.
  • Did you ever realize when your stimulus changed?
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