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enhancing customer satisfaction,
and minimizing risk

enhancing customer satisfaction,
and minimizing risk

Digitization is the key to boosting revenue and market share for BFSI businesses. Consumers demand personalized and modern experiences, so the competition among BFSI enterprises is intense in digital transformation.
With a dedicated and professional team, Luvina is always ready to help your business lead the digital revolution.

Our Experience
Since our establishment in 2004, Luvina has been dedicated to providing the highest quality services to BSFI businesses, ensuring the strictest standards of security and customer service quality.
Trust Investment
To provide maintenance services for the trust investment system software, we have:
Studied and mastered the specialized field
Achieved an incredible quality standard (0.1 bug/1000 lines of code)
Programmed across various devices, including specialized mainframes for the BSFI companies.
Asset Investment
Using the asset investment expertise we learned, we offer top-tier software services. Luvina guarantees quality, adhering to high service standards for all clients, including the BSFI companies.
Securities System
Luvina excels in Software Maintenance, especially in a sales support system for trading. It serves sales reps, offering features like:
Customer information management
Securities trading information management
Consultation/care appointment scheduling
Investment efficiency analysis
Cash flow analysis
IT security audit & remediation
We specialize in all types of insurance, from Life Insurance to Non-Life Insurance. Luvina has experience in maintaining Insurance systems and developing insurance management systems. Our solutions help improve customer satisfaction, increase revenue, and enhance your business’s efficiency.


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Luvina is always ready to craft innovative solutions tailored to your unique needs. Contact our consultants directly to receive a specialized service for your project or company today!

& Scalable Team

750 IT talents & still growing:

With our large pool of IT talents, you can scale up your IT team to meet your project requirement quickly.

Risk Control

Comprehensive IP Security Solutions:

Our infrastructure adheres to international standards, guaranteeing the highest level of protection for your IP.

Cost Reduction

Vietnam ranks among the Top 10 most cost-effective IT outsourcing destinations globally:

You can achieve up to an 80% cost reduction for IT projects while still ensuring internationally recognized quality standards.

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