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Luvina’s insight-driven approach to Healthcare 4.0 helps our clients achieve higher levels of automation and efficiency, innovate new products and services, modernize infrastructure, and deliver better outcomes at a sustainable cost. Access our expertise today!

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Luvina is proud to support healthcare businesses, ensuring information security, optimizing healthcare processes, and developing specialized care services for the elderly, independent people, and even pets.
Patient Information Management
Managing patient information requires high precision and efficiency. Luvina provides a secure and professional internal system to store and manage patient data, simplifying tasks related to information management, health tracking, and billing. With our experience in maintaining healthcare service management systems, we ensure uninterrupted data updates, robust storage capacity for extensive data, and absolute information security.
Medical Supplies Management
Effective medical supplies management is crucial for the quality and efficiency of healthcare services. Luvina has provided a medical supplies management system that goes beyond paperwork to ensure compliance with requirements such as precise equipment tracking, user permissions, and cost control.
Home Health Care Management
Home Health Care Management involves the coordination and administration of healthcare services delivered at home. These services aid patients in their recovery from illness or injury, managing chronic conditions, enhancing their quality of life, and reducing hospitalizations. Luvina has experience working with management systems that include functions like workforce scheduling, patient information management, and care plan management.
Hospital Fee Management
Calculating healthcare service expenses involves aggregating costs from various sources, including medication expenses, personnel costs for care, and more. Calculating hospital fees is a relatively complex specialized task involving multiple stakeholders. Luvina, during the maintenance of hospital cost management systems, has diligently familiarized ourselves with and studied this task. Our experience includes: managing payments to the National Health Insurance Association and managing patient payments.
Independent Health Support Services
Independent Health Support (IHS) Services bring significant value to society, and we are proud to contribute to improving the quality of life for disabled individuals. Providing care for disabled individuals requires highly skilled caregivers and meticulous control over specialized medications. Therefore, managing services for disabled individuals demands great attention to detail and precision. We have experience operating a service management system that fully meets the highest standards.


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Just 2 years after establishment, Luvina achieved ISO 9001 and CMMI level 3 certifications, showing our dedication to quality services.

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