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Automate and streamline HR processes

By embracing digital tools and technologies, HR professionals can enhance the efficiency, quality, diversity, and engagement of their services and functions.
Luvina, with our cutting-edge IT solutions, can play a pivotal role in facilitating and accelerating this digital transformation journey in Human Resources. Our solutions automate and streamline HR processes, making them more efficient and effective.

Our Experience
We have been dedicated to providing the best quality software services for the human resources department for businesses since 2004.
Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management is the field dedicated to managing and developing an organization’s human resources, aiming to optimize employee performance and satisfaction while aligning with the organization’s strategic objectives. With a professional team well-versed in HR operations, Luvina offers a wide range of services, from consulting and development to DevOps. We have experience in executing projects related to various tasks, including:
Payroll and Invoice Management
Leave Management
User Access Control
Recruitment Management
Luvina Software develops software for recruitment management, which automates and streamlines the recruitment process, from posting jobs, screening resumes, scheduling interviews, and sending feedback, to managing data. We can provide recruitment management software with features such as:
Job posting and distribution
Resume screening and ranking
Interview scheduling and feedback
Data management and reporting
Dispatch Management
For organizations with medium to large-scale workforces, effective dispatch human resource management is essential. HR managers require a comprehensive overview to identify issues, assess where additional resources are needed, and allocate resources efficiently. Monitoring every employee, especially across multiple branches, is impractical. Luvina provides IT solutions that enable global workforce tracking, ensuring real-time visibility and the ability to optimize resource allocation, making workforce management more efficient for your organization.


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Data Security

Comprehensive IP Security Solutions:

Our infrastructure adheres to international standards, guaranteeing the highest level of protection for your IP.


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do not pose a challenge for us.

We can work with English and Japanese, and we are available 24/7 despite different time zones if necessary.

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the highest quality services:

Just 2 years after establishment, Luvina achieved ISO 9001 and CMMI level 3 certifications, showing our dedication to quality services.

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