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With the rise of online shopping and digital platforms, retail and e-commerce IT services are transforming how businesses engage with customers, offering personalized experiences, seamless transactions, and efficient supply chain management. To establish a strong presence in customers’ minds and optimize costs and operations, retail enterprises must recognize technological solutions.
With many years of experience in the IT industry, Luvina is always ready to help our esteemed customers achieve specific milestones by delivering top-quality technology products that align with their requirements!

Our Experience
Since our inception, Luvina has committed to delivering top-notch services to Retail and
E-commerce enterprises, upholding the highest benchmarks of security and customer service excellence.
Order Management
Order management is a critical function in E-commerce and Retail businesses. An efficient order management system enhances accuracy and customer satisfaction. Luvina has successfully executed software development projects for order management in both B2C and B2B enterprises. We are prepared to work with you on your project thanks to our extensive experience and methodical training procedures, which have helped us fully understand this process.
Supplier Management
Supplier management involves securing the best value from suppliers. The process includes identifying suppliers, price assessments, selection, monitoring delivery times and more. This stage profoundly influences a retail business’s success. Leveraging our knowledge of supplier management and our commitment to continuous learning, Luvina is confident in delivering customer satisfaction.
Autonomous Pricing Strategy System
By utilizing Luvina’s Big Data solutions for product pricing, you can increase your company’s price competitiveness. To maintain your product’s competitive price every day, our system autonomously collects market data, analyzes it, and determines your product’s pricing. This technology necessitates processing data at high speeds and in large volumes. Don’t hesitate to contact Luvina now if you are thinking about having such software!
POS Systems
Ensuring transaction security, fast processing, and diverse payment methods, Luvina offers the following services:

Custom payment terminal development
Compatibility with various payment gateways integrated into sales interfaces


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Comprehensive IP Security Solutions:

Our infrastructure adheres to international standards, guaranteeing the highest level of protection for your IP.


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We can work with English and Japanese, and we are available 24/7 despite different time zones if necessary.

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Committed to providing
the highest quality services:

Just 2 years after establishment, Luvina achieved ISO 9001 and CMMI level 3 certifications, showing our dedication to quality services.

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