Fukuoka, Japan, known as the “Gateway of Asia,” has been making tremendous efforts to attract businesses and startups from various countries, especially in the IT sector. Recently, there has been significant interest from Vietnamese IT companies.

Fukuoka City, in collaboration with the Ministry of Information and Communications of Vietnam and VINASA, organized a seminar to attract businesses to invest in Fukuoka. This was an incredible opportunity to explore the charm and potential of Fukuoka through presentations by the Mayor of Fukuoka, Mr. Soichiro Takashima, and testimonials from Vietnamese businesses already investing there.

🔹 Program Highlights:

– Welcome speeches by distinguished guests, including the Mayor of Fukuoka.

– Signing ceremony of the MOU between the Ministry of Information and Communications and Fukuoka City.

– Presentations by Vietnamese businesses investing in Fukuoka.

– Networking opportunities with major enterprises in Fukuoka.

At the seminar, Mr. Le Quang Luong, CEO of Luvina Software, delivered a welcome speech to greet the delegates. He expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to participate in such a prestigious event and emphasized the importance of fostering strong international business relationships.

Luvina Software also showcased our capabilities and services through an engaging presentation that highlighted our commitment to excellence and innovation in the IT sector. The presentation focused on Luvina’s achievements in many fields, such as custom software development, cloud computing, software maintenance, etc., and underscored the company’s readiness to collaborate with Japanese enterprises to drive technological advancements and mutual growth.

The seminar provided a platform for Luvina and other companies to connect with key stakeholders, exchange ideas, and discuss potential partnerships. Let’s take a moment to review some highlights from the seminar, and be sure to follow Luvina’s journey to stay updated on exciting future collaboration opportunities.

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