This year, Luvina Sports Day transcended our traditional annual running competition, evolving into a dynamic and multifaceted team sports event with the empowering theme “Power Up”. The event, held with great enthusiasm in both Hanoi and Da Nang, was a spectacular success, thanks to the active participation of athletes and supporters, ideal weather, and the meticulous efforts of our organizers. It was a day filled with joy, sportsmanship, and unity, bringing the entire Luvina family closer together.

Luvina Sports Day 2024

Event Highlights:

– Stage 1: Relay Race 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

– Stage 2: Tug of War 🤝

– Stage 3: 15 People, 16 Legs 👣

These stages were designed to test physical endurance and agility and foster teamwork and solidarity, which are essential for achieving victory.

Event Locations:

– Hanoi: Hanoi University of Education Sports Hall

– Da Nang: The running yard of Son Tra District Culture and Information Center 

On May 12th, Hanoi and Da Nang athletes gave their best, demonstrating extraordinary commitment and sportsmanship. Their spirited efforts and the unity displayed were truly inspiring.


📍 Hanoi: The team from Dev 2 claimed a convincing victory after three competitive stages and an additional tug-of-war round, showcasing their exceptional teamwork and perseverance.

📍 Da Nang: The Innovator team emerged as champions, delivering an outstanding performance highlighting their remarkable dedication and skill.

Join us in celebrating these unforgettable moments and the incredible spirit of our Luvina team. Here’s to many more successful and joyous Luvina Sports Days in the future!

Let’s take a look back at some memorable moments from Luvina Sports Day 2024!

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