Every business needs different support when using Workday, but not all can fully utilize its potential. From planning to implementation and post-implementation support, Luvina with Workday managed services will customize the approach to fit each business’s needs, ensuring maximum benefits from Workday’s financial and HR management tools.

Enhance your Workday experience with Luvina’s Workday application management services.

From planning to support, Luvina will help you maximize the potential of Workday

Luvina’s Workday Managed Services Offerings

Update and Release Management

Luvina’s expertise in update and release management will help you maximize the effectiveness of Workday ERP with the following services:

  • – Release planning and test guidance
  • – Release evaluation and analysis
  • – Impact analysis and mitigation planning
  • – System configuration
  • – Multifunctional support
  • – UAT support

Change Management

Luvina’s Workday managed services offer change management solutions to help businesses seamlessly adapt to the new platform and optimize work efficiency.

  • – Support for seamless transitions
  • – User education post-implementation
  • – Process reinforcement support
  • – Establishing robust change management procedures

Diagnosis and Optimization

Luvina will maintain communication with your business to understand the challenges in using Workday and provide solutions and optimizations tailored to your needs.

  • – Discuss challenges to find solutions
  • – Evaluate the effectiveness of new functionalities
  • – Implement and test optimizations
Our Workday managed services offer timely support to ensure platform efficiency

Enhancement Projects

Luvina’s team, with a mindset of continuous improvement, ensures your Workday operates at peak efficiency.

  • – Project planning
  • – Implementation of new functional areas
  • – Integration improvements
  • – Expanding functionality with various Workday capabilities
  • – Restructuring the current organization or building a new one
  • – Data conversion and bulk data loading

Operational Support

To ensure smooth operations post-Workday integration, Luvina’s Workday managed services offer solutions:

  • – Configuration support
  • – Integration management
  • – Reporting management
  • – Business process management
  • – Risk management
  • – System guidance and consulting

Workday Application Management Solution Benefits

Luvina’s Workday Application Management Services promise to help businesses maximize the efficiency of Workday, offering benefits such as:

  • – Flexible services that can scale to fit the needs of any business
  • – Support businesses in increasing ROI and gaining long-term value
  • – Make HR management easier, enhance employee experience, and improve retention rates through transparent information on policies and benefits.
  • – Integrate financial and HR tasks for better management, monitoring, and support.
  • – Provide a clearer, deeper overview of financial and HR management processes for more informed decision-making.
  • – Aid in compliance with regulations, reducing manual data entry time.
Simplify financial and HR tasks with Workday

Why choose Luvina for Workday Managed Services

With Workday-managed services, Luvina software doesn’t just implement Workday, we transform your entire business.

With a team of over 100 experienced professionals in Workday solutions, Luvina is ready to support businesses with consultation, deployment, version upgrades, customization, and development of additional utilities. We commit to helping companies harness the full power of Workday to drive productivity and growth speed.

Workday Financial Solutions

Streamline core financial management processes for businesses with modern tools like payroll, expense, and financial management.

Workday HR Solutions

Support businesses in efficiently handling HR processes, and optimizing resource management through workforce management, talent management, and recruitment processes.

The Luvina team provides customized solutions tailored to the needs of businesses

Becoming your partner in providing Workday managed services, Luvina commits to:

High-Quality Services

Luvina is committed to providing ISO 9001 and CMMI Level 3-certified high-quality services. All work processes adhere to consistent and highest-quality standards.

24/7 Support

We are available 24/7 to exchange information and support customers regardless of time zone differences.

Cost Optimization

Experience Luvina’s Workday managed services with our experienced IT talent team at an affordable price.

Maximum Data Security

With our Workday application management services, Luvina ensures maximum data security for your project information and data.

Are you looking for a professional Workday services provider? Contact Luvina today for a detailed consultation and answers to all your queries.


Our experts are eager to explore your needs.

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