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Luvina Software at the Fukuoka Investment Seminar

ABOUT THE EVENT Fukuoka, Japan, known as the “Gateway of Asia,” has been making tremendous [...]

Vietnam’s IT Talent Evolution: Transitioning to AI and Semiconductors

TABLE OF CONTENTS v> By 2024, it’s projected that 50% of software engineers in Vietnam [...]

Luvina Sports Day 2024: Power Up

ABOUT THE EVENT This year, Luvina Sports Day transcended our traditional annual running competition, evolving [...]

Chat with Experts – Future of IT Outsourcing

ABOUT THE EVENT Welcome to our transformative campaign, where we invite you to embark on [...]

Offshore IT Outsourcing Trends in 2024

TABLE OF CONTENTS As we approach 2024, the offshore software development business is undergoing a [...]

Join Luvina Software at Japan IT Week Spring 2024

ABOUT THE EVENT Luvina Software is excited to announce our participation in the 33rd Japan [...]

Establishment of HeartCore Luvina Vietnam Co., Ltd.

ABOUT HEARTCORE LUVINA VIETNAM CO., LTD. We proudly announce our partnership with HeartCore Enterprises, Inc. [...]

Luvina’s CMMI 3.0 Program 2024

ABOUT THE EVENT Luvina Software aims to become the first organization in Vietnam to achieve [...]

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