Nobody knows the exact Android app development cost. It depends on size and complexity. The cost of app development varies widely, depending on the app’s features. It can be anywhere from $5,000 to over a million dollars.

But that’s not all. Hidden costs from uncontrollable aspects can affect projects.

Let’s explore these hidden costs that impact projects. They’re like the “elephant in the room” businesses often overlook.

Identifying Common Hidden Android Development Cost

The Android app development costs are hidden during the app development process and may not be immediately apparent. Businesses often underestimate these costs, not realizing their impact.

Let’s explore hidden costs in app development.

1. Research and planning phase

In the initial stage, there are 3 tasks that you need to do:

  • – Research the market 
  • – Analyze the competitors
  • – Study your app’s feasibility

This phase takes about 2-5 weeks, costing $5,000 to $25,000. Research might involve small expenses like buying competitor apps. These are hidden costs. If research takes longer, you may need to spend more money than planned.

2. Development phase

Hidden costs in Android app development can come from backend setup, third-party services, and security. Because your apps need strong backend systems, not just user interfaces. Integrating third-party tools also might have licensing fees.

Besides, implementing advanced security features also may result in additional costs.

3. Quality assurance and testing

Even the best team can’t prevent bugs. Test the app to ensure quality.

Testing may take at least $5,000 to $10,000 because you need to do testing on different devices and screens. This cost is often underestimated.

4. Post-development and launch

You’re wrong if you think that developing an app is “paying a fixed fee to develop and release”. After launching, you still need a budget to fix bugs, improve security, update the app, provide user support, and more.

Some hidden costs in Android app development cost in the post-launch phase include:

  • App Store fees: You will have to pay fees to distribute your app on Google Play. This fee is used for app submission, updates, and storage. The one-time fee of Google is $25. If you sell products within the app, you also be charged from 15% to 30% of transaction fees.
  • Maintenance and updates: You need continuous maintenance, updates, and bug fixes to ensure the app runs smoothly. Maintenance fees typically include technical support time and server costs.
  • Marketing: After releasing the app, you need to promote it widely and attract users. You need a budget plan for marketing or may end up wasting money. The app’s features determine its development cost. It can be as low as $5,000 or as high as a million dollars or more. Marketing activities also require a significant budget. Some companies spend up to hundreds of thousands of dollars per month to keep their app popular.

Understanding the Impact of Hidden Costs

1. Budget overrun consequences

The hidden costs can exceed the initial budget, impacting performance, and quality, and causing dissatisfaction among stakeholders.

Budget overrun can lead to constant financial strain and even affect project deadlines because there isn’t enough money to execute tasks as planned. Lack of budget due to hidden costs also prompts many businesses to cut features, which can affect the quality of the app and the user experience.

2. Competitiveness and market viability

In today’s market, there are numerous apps with abundant funding. If you lack budget and the app’s quality is compromised, you will lose the ability to compete with well-funded rival apps that offer more features.

Moreover, the post-launch marketing costs are not insignificant. If your financial resources are constrained due to hidden costs, you won’t be able to do marketing effectively and attract users efficiently.

3. Long-term sustainability

As you know, app development is an ongoing process. If you don’t want to be forgotten by the users, you need to continuously improve your app and expand features. All these activities require money. If even the basic expenses for the initial development are not guaranteed due to hidden costs, you cannot sustain long-term app development.

Strategies for Avoiding Hidden Android App Development Costs

1. Comprehensive project planning

You can’t just build a building without any planning or purpose of use. App development works the same way. Right after you have an idea for the app, you need to create a clear plan and prepare for every stage of the development process. Define clearly the scope and project requirements so that you don’t end up spending money on redefining them later.

2. Accurate cost estimation

Estimating costs with a specific budget plan is the best way to avoid hidden costs. In particular, don’t underestimate the value of a highly skilled development team. Invest in hiring experienced developers and industry experts. If you want to save costs, carefully consider the options of providers before making a decision.

3. Risk assessment and contingency planning

Every project carries unpredictable risks. When making an app, you need to point out all the potential risks that you may face. Then, use part of the initial budget to handle unexpected situations.

4. Emphasizing agile development

Agile development means that your app is always ready for changes, quick updates, and new features at any stage. Every stage in the development process will also be much faster. As a result, testing and updating processes will help minimize hidden costs for the app development project.

5. Open communication with stakeholders

To complete the project on time and within budget, you must maintain regular communication with all stakeholders. Consistent communication ensures progress and timely resolution of any obstacles.

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There are many reasons behind the occurrence of hidden Android app development costs. Hopefully, through this article, you have identified some hidden costs that may arise during app development and have a plan to prevent them.

Did you know that collaborating with a reputable android app development company can save up to 60% of costs? If you want to create a high-quality app with low costs in the shortest time, you will need a truly reliable partner.

Luvina has almost 20 years of providing software and IT outsourcing services. We always aim to offer the best app development solutions with no hidden costs. Based on your requirements, we will calculate suitable plans to ensure the project stays within budget while meeting your needs and objectives. At Luvina, customer satisfaction is always our top priority.

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