With 3 major advantages: competitive costs, a high-quality workforce, and a favorable economic environment, Malaysia is currently one of the ‘promised lands’ for IT outsourcing. In the article below, let’s explore the top 7 best IT outsourcing companies in Malaysia – potential partners that every business is seeking.

IT Outsourcing Companies in Malaysia

The information technology sector in Malaysia is experiencing strong growth. As a result, IT outsourcing companies have emerged to meet the digital transformation needs of many businesses in various fields. Among them, the following top 7 IT outsourcing companies in Malaysia are currently the most frequently mentioned.

Malaysia – a promised destination for IT outsourcing

1. SYS IT Business & IT Solutions

  • Services: Network Solutions, Storage Solutions, Infrastructure Management,…

SYS IT Business & IT Solutions is one of the leading IT outsourcing companies in Malaysia. With a commitment to providing the best benefits for customers, SYS IT Business & IT Solutions not only meets the minimum service requirements of businesses but also flexibly expands services. With the help of SYS IT Business & IT Solutions, companies can access the highest quality workforce without worrying about recruitment or management. Consequently, businesses can focus 100% on their core operations.

2. Avenga 

  • Services: Solution engineering, maintenance and support, Staffing services, Automation cloud,…

Avenga is one of the IT outsourcing companies in Malaysia that supports businesses and organizations in the pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors. Using modern technology, the company assists its partners in accelerating drug development, improving sales performance, and enhancing security, and operational efficiency. Avenga’s IT services are sure to provide significant competitive advantages for businesses.

3. IGS (Integrated Global Solutions Sdn Bhd)

  • Services: Infrastructure as a service, Managed services, Cloud migration service,…

IGS (Integrated Global Solutions Sdn Bhd) was established in 2003 and has completed numerous large-scale information technology projects. Originally focused on IT virtualization, IGS has continuously innovated to provide services that assist partners in business transformation. Currently, IGS remains a pioneering partner in VMware virtualization in Malaysia.

IGS has completed numerous projects with large clients

4. SRG Asia Pacific

  • Services: Database Management, Data Mining, Connecting to Clients’ Services,…

Although some customers may still have doubts about the quality of outsourcing IT services, SRG Asia Pacific has remained one of the most entrusted IT outsourcing companies in Malaysia for many years. When collaborating with businesses, SRG Asia Pacific monitors and analyzes business data remotely, proposing solutions to save costs and bring numerous benefits to enterprises.

5. SBS Consulting

  • Services: Software Development, IT Consulting, Accounting Services, Payrolling,…

SBS Consulting is an IT outsourcing company in Malaysia with a team of skilled development specialists specializing in law and business regulations. The company’s IT services focus on enterprise solutions. SBS Consulting can be a suitable solution for large businesses and a potential partner for enterprises intending to expand their business scale.

6. Adventus

  • Services: Outsourcing of IT Services, System Integration & IT Infrastructure, Cloud Cyber Security Solutions,…

Adventus is one of the quality IT outsourcing companies in Malaysia, established in 2005. With a belief that smarter businesses make for a better world, Adventus specializes in providing comprehensive IT products and services to help businesses achieve more efficient workflows. Adventus has offices worldwide, including in Malaysia, and has served numerous major clients across various industries such as Deloitte, Heineken, KPMG,…

Adventus possesses a skilled and experienced team of professionals


  • Services: Security Management, Full Support Coverage, Performance Review and Replacement, Talent RecruitmentPlacement of Specialists at the Workplace,…

IT First is one of the most reliable IT partners in Malaysia. The company specializes in providing technology solutions and manpower to help businesses optimize their operational efficiency. Throughout the collaboration, IT First consistently updates monthly reports and highlights any unresolved issues. The company also commits to ensuring the complete security of business data during the working process.

IT Outsourcing in Vietnam with Luvina

Founded in July 2004, Luvina Software has expanded its scale. Now, this company has over 750 employees and numerous offices in Hanoi, Danang (Vietnam), Japan, and the United States. This IT outsourcing company provides full-cycle software development services, such as analysis, design, development, testing, and maintenance. Besides, Luvina has a team of high-quality specialists available for businesses seeking outsourced IT services.

With extensive experience and a talented team, Luvina ensures the delivery of the highest quality services to its clients. Over time, the company has achieved significant milestones in software development and IT outsourcing and continues to collaborate with numerous major clients in Japan.

Luvina is one of the most reputable IT outsourcing companies in Vietnam


Malaysia’s continuous development is making it an emerging destination for IT outsourcing. The country boasts a highly skilled workforce, competitive costs compared to developed counterparts, and government support in terms of policies and incentives. Therefore, it’s understandable that IT outsourcing companies are converging here.

If you aim to expand your business scale and gain a competitive edge in the market, exploring the top 7 IT outsourcing companies in Malaysia mentioned above would be beneficial.

For consultation on IT outsourcing services, don’t hesitate to contact Luvina. Regardless of your business’s location, Luvina can provide the support you need.


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