To create a Japanese learning community that provides Luvina’s employees with an opportunity to learn the Japanese language from each other, Luvina Training and Recruitment Department (TRD) have hosted a Japanese Speaking contest called「あなたにとって、日本はどんな国ですか」- Japan in me.

Attending the contest, on the side of Luvina’s Board of Management, there was the participation of Mr. Le Quang Luong – CEO of Luvina Software, Mrs. Vu Thi Thanh Nga – Head of Training and Recruitment Department (TRD) and clients, partners, employees of Luvina Software. On the side of the Jury, there was the participation of Ms. Tomohiro Mayumi – staff of TRD, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hong Quy – Head of the BSE Department, and Mr. Yoshiaki Hirabayashi – staff of TRD.

The contest 「あなたにとって、日本はどんな国ですか」- Japan in me was launched on September 12, consisting of 2 rounds: writing and speaking. Since its launch, the contest has attracted the attention and support of a large number of personnel from departments of the company. More than 40 entries were submitted to the Organizer in the qualifying round. After reviewing and grading, the Organizer found the Top 9 excellent candidates to go straight to the debate round.

In this round, each contestant has 7 minutes to present the eloquence part and will be deducted 5 points for every 1 minute overtime. After the speaking contest, contestants would continue to answer two questions from members of the Jury.

Contestants confidently present their debate in front of the judges

Regarding the quality of the contestants as well as emotions when participating in the contest, Mr. Le Quang Luong – CEO of Luvina Software Joint Stock Company, said: “I believe the quality of the contestants is exactly like a nineteen. ten, all very confident and good. I know that there are also N1, N2, and N3 here, so we had to meet together many times to come up with a playground where you can try your hand at any level. And your presence today is wonderful, Luvina is honored to have you as a piece of the puzzle.”

Mr. Le Quang Luong – CEO of Luvina Software

The debate round was exciting with a confident, fluent Japanese performance mixed with a bit of wit from 9 contestants when they answered the “behavior” question from the Judges. survey. Each contestant had their own style, but they all brought their own thoughts and impressions of Japan into their speech.

Interestingly, this year’s contest also featured contestants from the Da Nang office. Despite the inability to participate directly in the contest in Hanoi, P.T.H. Anh – a Luvina staff from the Da Nang office remained calm and confidently presented her speech through the screen. Thanks to the positive energy of this beautiful girl, the whole audience could enjoy more “smiling vitamins”.

Geographic distance did not prevent the passion of P.T.H. Anh from participating in the contest

Here are the final results of the contest:

1. N.C. DungDũng – Winner

2. L.T.HueHuệ + L.Huongương – Runners-up

3. D.Đ.Tuú+ N.V. Haiải – 3rd Prize

4. Đ.Q.Huy + V.T.Anh Ánh + T.B.CuongCường và P.T.H. Anh – Consolation Prize

Award Celebration

As a contestant in an impressive speech contest, Mr. N.C. Dung – The winner of the contest, said: “As I was the first contestant to perform the speech, I was a little nervous. But thanks to good preparation, having practiced multiple times at home, and learning from previous competitions, I could remain calm when standing in front of the judges and confidently completed the speech. When the host called out the winner’s name, I was quite surprised because I did not think I would be the winner. That moment was so meaningful and highly appreciated”.

あなたにとって、日本はどんな国ですか」- Japan in me is a great opportunity for all of Luvina’s employees. It promotes the spirit of learning Japanese, and improves communication skills and public speaking.

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