On November 5, the final match of the Hito Cup between Luvina FC and Deha FC took place at Cuong Quoc Stadium, Ha Dong, Hanoi. Finally, Luvina FC brilliantly won the second prize and left a good impression on the pitch.

LUVINA FC won the second prize in the Hito Cup 2022 final 

After an impressive comeback by winning Silver Cup at the 2022 VINASA football tournament, LUVINA FC carried on the journey of “passion for the pitch” to a tournament organized by IT outsourcing companies named HITO CUP 2022.

Sailing through three group matches, a semi-final, and a quarter-final full of bravery, Luvina FC players though a little bit “worried” about their opponent’s young, strong, and very “aggressive” squad, haven’t conceded any goal since the debut match of the tournament. However, the players were still determined to reach the highest position, maintained their achievements, and committed 100% effort to bring the trophy back to Luvina.

A passing shot in the match between Deha FC and Luvina FC 

During the 30 minutes of the first half, with a counter-attacking style, Luvina FC was resilient and solid in defense to prevent shots from Deha FC. Both teams played with caution and finished the first half with zero goals.

To strengthen their support for the players, fans of the Deha FC prepared many slogans, such as: “Deha the champion”, and “Fighting persistently”… Meanwhile, Luvina FC fans showed no inferiority when we also brought in drums, gongs, loudspeakers… to “fuel” our players.

Luvina FC players try to win the ball from the opponent

Into the second half, Deha FC suddenly changed their tactics to attack our team more with an opening goal. Under the great pressure of being led and the defensive style, Luvina FC tried to raise the tempo of the match, creating lots of dangerous shots toward the opponent’s goal, but only missed it by chance to level the match. Finally, Deha FC won 1-0 against Luvina FC.

With the spirit of fighting hard and our achievements at Vinasa and Hito cup – 2 huge football events in Hanoi, despite missing the highest achievement, we have earned certain valuable experiences for our journey to conquer the world’s greatest sport. We – the true Luvina FC fans will always be by your side to achieve new success together.

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