July 15 every year is an extremely important day for more than 700 Luvina employees. This date reminds us of our journey as a leading software outsourcing company in Vietnam. We honor this occasion with fun team-building activities and a grand anniversary event, creating memorable experiences for our employees and clients.

Luvina Summer Swimming Competition

At Luvina, we care about not just the quality of our services but also the quality of life for our employees, particularly their health. For us, people are the most critical part of the organization. That’s why, alongside expertise training activities, Luvina regularly organizes sports events to help our employees enhance their well-being.

One of the highlights of our anniversary celebration is the annual Summer Swimming Competition. Held once a year, it draws the participation of over 100 employees from both Da Nang and Hanoi offices. Notably, our CEO, Mr. Le Quang Luong, also joined the competition with enthusiasm.

Images from the swimming competition in Vinh Phuc

As the swimming competition concluded, everyone left with smiles and boundless energy. Colleagues had the chance to bond more closely within their teams, contributing to a more cohesive and stronger workforce.

Images from the swimming competition in Da Nang

19th Anniversary Celebration

The 19th-anniversary celebration was a momentous occasion filled with solemnity and enthusiasm, attended by over 700 Luvina employees and several valued clients. It was a time for everyone to reflect on our journey of dedication and growth and to look forward to a brighter future.

Since the inception on July 15, 2004, Luvina has consistently placed “Quality” at the core of all our activities. With a workforce now exceeding 700 individuals and over 1000 successful projects, Luvina continues to assert our value on the global stage.

In the future, we aspire to dedicate Vietnamese intellect to an even larger global clientele. We aim to spread technology products and services of Japanese quality to Western, and Eastern European countries, and beyond.

Luvina has weathered many ups and downs and faced numerous challenges in the past 19 years, but we have never given up. We are now ready to stride into our 20th year with renewed strength.

Join us at Luvina on this journey of contributing Vietnamese intellect to a more civilized world!

Some highlights from the anniversary celebration


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