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CRM Integration Benefits

Integrating CRM means connecting your CRM system with one or more applications to create seamless data flows. This can bring significant benefits to your business.

1. Improving Collaboration

A Salesforce integration solution for CRM makes collaboration among employees within the organization easier. With a centralized database, employees can access all the information they need for their work and share it quickly.

2. Reducing Human Errors

CRM integration automates all business activities. Especially the data copying process, which is prone to human errors, is now automated. Therefore, your data will always be accurate, without missing or duplicate entries.

3. Enhancing Productivity

Instead of employees spending significant time and effort cleaning up and copying data, CRM integration automates everything, allowing employees to focus on important, creative tasks, thereby improving productivity.

4. Fast and Accurate Reporting

With CRM integration, all data is standardized, centralized in one system, and provided to employees in real-time. As a result, employees can easily create accurate reports and make more informed decisions.

Integrating CRM in general, and Salesforce Integration Services in particular, requires substantial resources, high expertise, modern technology, best practices, and a suitable roadmap. As one of the leading Salesforce development companies in Vietnam, Luvina will provide the most reliable Salesforce integration services, enabling businesses to fully leverage the true potential of their CRM systems.

Types Of Salesforce Integration Services

1. Data Integration

Data migration is an essential aspect of any CRM integration. Post Salesforce integration, data migration ensures seamless and accurate data sharing across the entire business system. With the assistance of our data migration experts, all your data will be transferred fully, securely, and synchronized across platforms to avoid any inefficient operations.

Salesforce Integration Services help create a unified data platform

2. Backend Integration

Luvina offers Salesforce Integration Solutions to help businesses amplify their enterprise back-end systems. To ensure continuous system operation, we will connect back-end elements based on your business’s technical specifications.

3. API-Based Integration

With API-based integration, businesses can reap numerous benefits from additional features such as geolocation services, communication services, advertising platforms, e-commerce solutions, and more.

4. User Interface Integration

By combining Salesforce elements and other applications into a unified platform, user interface integration allows employees to access multiple applications from a single platform. This type of integration simplifies the user experience, providing convenience for users.

5. Business Logic Integration

This is one of the Salesforce Integration Services that connects Salesforce with other software by integrating business logic. For example, you can integrate rules, and workflows between two systems. This type of integration automates business processes and improves business efficiency.

Salesforce Integration Services

1. ERP Integration

With our experienced team in Salesforce integration, Luvina will help integrate your business’s CRM with ERP and other systems. This enables real-time customer information and business activity tracking, facilitating resource management and seamless sales processes.

Integrating ERP with CRM plays a crucial role in increasing sales revenue

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2. Accounting Software Integration

At Luvina, our Salesforce integration services include integrating financial software with functions such as data input, invoice creation, and payment collection. With this service, Salesforce will automatically analyze organizational financial data, providing businesses with detailed insights into their operations.

3. Marketing Automation Integration

Marketing automation integration helps accelerate lead nurturing, increase customer engagement, and improve conversion rates. With Luvina’s Salesforce Integration Services, businesses can personalize customer journeys better, implement more effective marketing strategies, and enhance overall business efficiency.

4. E-Commerce Integration

What customers are seeking nowadays is a seamless shopping experience, enabling them to shop anywhere and access businesses across various channels. Integrating e-commerce can make this a reality. Salesforce Integration Solution with popular E-commerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc., will streamline sales activities on online platforms, enhancing the shopping experience and online sales performance.

5. Payment Integration

Luvina provides Salesforce integration services with payment gateways to accept payments through various methods. Transaction data is also automatically recorded in Salesforce data for businesses to easily track, nurture potential customers, and build loyal customer profiles.

6. Chatbot Integration

Integrating chatbots is a way for businesses to fully leverage the power of AI. Businesses will have full control to manage information searches, automate response systems, and enhance interaction with customers.

7. Calendar & Email Integration

Luvina’s Salesforce Integration Services allow integration with various tools, such as calendar apps, emails, etc., into the Salesforce CRM system. Users don’t need to log in to multiple apps but can still update and manage appointments or tasks efficiently. This improves work productivity as well.

Manage all tasks and schedules when integrating calendar and email software into Salesforce


If a business wants to integrate Salesforce with third-party mobile and web apps without providing access to the volume of data, then using Rest/SOAP API would be extremely suitable. Integrating Salesforce into websites, mobile apps, cloud apps, and various enterprises using Rest/SOAP API can meet the specific business needs of the enterprise.


1. Why should businesses use Salesforce integration services?

Salesforce Integration Services will help businesses access quality manpower and modern techniques to accurately extract and convert data between systems.

2. How is Salesforce integrated with other systems or platforms?

There are three common types of Salesforce integration: point-to-point (one-to-one), hub-and-spoke, and enterprise service bus integration.

3. Why is Salesforce integration necessary?

The Salesforce Integration Solution helps create seamless data flows between departments and ensures smooth synchronization processes.

4. How can Salesforce Integration Services consultants assist businesses?

Partnering with a provider of Salesforce Integration Services helps businesses mitigate the risk of data loss, data inconsistency, and disrupted business processes.


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