Information technology is upgrading every day. If your company is not specialized in this field, you are at risk of falling behind. That’s the reason why many businesses prefer collaborating with dedicated development companies to handle their technology projects. Because this is a cost-saving approach with a flexible and manageable process.

However, the dedicated development team model may not be for everyone. So, when should you consider hiring software for companies? Let’s find the answers in the following article.

What are the Main Benefits of A Dedicated Development Company?

A dedicated development team is a group of experts hired by an IT outsourcing company but directly managed by your company. Depending on the project requirements, each dedicated development team can include various key positions such as project managers, business analysts (BA), QA/QC specialists, UX/UI designers, front-end/back-end developers, and more.

This outsourcing model is widely favored by companies due to its outstanding benefits. Some advantages of hiring dedicated development teams include:

dedicated development company
Having a dedicated development team on board is beneficial for your company.
  • Cost savings: When you hire a dedicated development team, you can save significant costs on office space, taxes, salaries, benefits, etc., as the experts usually work remotely, and the basic expenses are covered by the IT outsourcing company.
  • Increased productivity: Dedicated development teams are accustomed to working collaboratively to meet customers’ demands. The developers focus 100% on your project to ensure timely and satisfactory completion. Additionally, having experts fully focused on the project can speed up its completion and lead to faster product launches. In the rapidly evolving tech landscape, quicker product launches give you a competitive edge over other rivals, especially if you’re aiming to develop a new application or software.
  • Access to talent pool: Each dedicated development team is a pool of talented specialists, each with expertise in specific areas to meet project requirements. You’ll have a chance to work with high  You’ll get to work with highly skilled professionals; and tap into their expertise, knowledge, and experience. Accessing this might be challenging if you work with an in-house IT team.
  • Flexibility: Dedicated development teams always get feedback from clients and immediately make necessary repairs. During the project execution, you can flexibly scale the team according to your needs.
  • Full project control: Your company has full involvement in the project process, and the development team will adjust the project based on your direct requirements. You can also propose changes or adjust the team’s scale to fit different project stages.
  • Dedicated support: Even after project completion, a dedicated software development company will continue to support you in maintenance and other marketing activities if needed.

Dedicated Development Company: When Should You Hire Them? 

Collaborating with a dedicated software development company is not suitable for every business. If your company is not well-suited for working with this type of expert team, outsourcing will only waste time and money. Hiring a dedicated development company is recommended… 

1. If you are a start-up in the making

Hiring a specialized development company is suitable for early-stage startup businesses due to 2 reasons:

  • A startup company at its initial stage often lacks financial resources but desperately needs talented experts.
  • Startups experience rapid growth, leading to frequent changes in the requirements for their IT teams.
Start-up companies should collaborate with a dedicated development company.

Considering these 2 reasons, hiring dedicated development teams with flexibility and cost-saving advantages is exceptionally suitable for startup companies.

2. If your company is working on a long-term project

Having a stable team is crucial for long-term projects. If you work with an in-house IT team, you might face situations where key personnel resign, and you cannot find suitable replacements.

Hiring a dedicated development company can address this issue. Even if any developer leaves the team, IT outsourcing companies can promptly fill the vacant position with another expert. 

3. If your organization is tapping into a new technology

Relying on an in-house IT team might not be the best choice when launching a project in a new field. The existing staff may lack the necessary skills for the new project.

If you decide to hire new specialists, you’ll encounter two problems:

  • Time and money spent on recruitment, training, and management.
  • Even with new members, your technology team might still have outdated skills and ideas.
dedicated development company
Your IT in-house team may not be suitable for your new project.

Hiring a development dedicated company can solve all these problems. You can work with top professionals at a lower cost. These developers are selected based on your project’s requirements. So they can possess the exact skills needed to fulfill the project demands.

4. If you want to focus on the core business of your company

It is easy to divert your attention from the core business. Because when your business grows, you’ll get busy with multiple operational tasks. At that point, collaborating with a dedicated software development company and letting the experts help you with technology is highly recommended. 

Having a dedicated development team not only saves you time to focus on your core business but also optimizes operation efficiency. Because these experts know exactly what to do.

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By now, you must know when to collaborate with a dedicated software outsourcing company. Working with experts can save costs and increase operational efficiency for your business. But, be careful! Because this approach may not be suitable for your business, and you will waste time and money.

Luvina has over 20 years of experience in full-cycle software development service and IT outsourcing. We know when your company needs a team of dedicated developers. We will help you to build a dedicated development team based on factors such as project scope, budget, timeline, and other requirements. Luvina is committed to helping you find the right experts to achieve your project goals.

If you need help in finding a dedicated development team, please contact Luvina for a consultation. We are eager to accompany you on this journey.

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