Nowadays, besides onshore IT teams, businesses also can hire dedicated offshore developers. The more difficult the projects, the higher the demand for hiring offshore dedicated teams from businesses. This approach helps businesses save significant costs and optimize project efficiency with the participation of talented developers.

Where should a business start when wanting to hire offshore dedicated developers? Why should businesses consider hiring an offshore dedicated development team? Let’s explore a detailed guide on how to hire developers outsourcing a dedicated team in the following article.

Offshore Dedicated Team – Definition and Benefits to Businesses

1. What is an offshore dedicated team?

An offshore dedicated team is a group of remote specialists who collaborate long-term with your company. They take responsibility for building and developing projects according to your requirements, from planning to maintenance and support.

However, your company doesn’t directly hire these offshore dedicated developers; instead, you hire them through an IT outsourcing company.

Technically these offshore developers are your company’s employees, but you don’t have to worry about their HR costs, administrative procedures, or social benefits. These matters are the responsibility of the IT outsourcing company.

A complete developer outsourcing dedicated team typically includes key positions such as project managers, business analysts (BA), UX/UI designers, front-end and back-end developers, QA specialists, etc. Each member of the developers outsourcing dedicated team has distinct responsibilities and possesses the necessary expertise to complete their tasks.

2. The key benefits of an offshore dedicated development team 

It is not by chance that hiring dedicated offshore software development teams is favored by businesses. Below are some key benefits of this approach: 

a. Cost-saving

According to statistics, up to 70% of businesses worldwide have saved a significant amount of costs by hiring offshore dedicated development teams. Hiring these teams can help businesses save on operational expenses such as training, insurance, taxes, etc.

Above is the most detailed guide on how to hire dedicated offshore developers. Keep following us for updates on useful information about software services and IT outsourcing.
Hire dedicated offshore developers to save costs.

Especially nowadays, most businesses prefer to hire IT-dedicated offshore developers from developing countries like Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, or Malaysia, where outsourcing costs are much lower.

Despite the lower costs, developers outsourcing dedicated teams in these developing countries still meet job requirements effectively.

b. Simple Management

When hiring an offshore dedicated development team, you can regularly update the progress or make change requests through project management without having to work with too many specialists. This lets you focus on your business and skip the project details.

c. Speed up project progress

An offshore development team will fully dedicate their time and effort to your project. As a result, they can deliver more results in a shorter time.

d. Access to a Pool of Talented Resources

You surely wouldn’t want to go searching for IT specialists by yourself while the global IT industry is facing a severe talent shortage. Hiring an offshore dedicated team will help your business access a pool of talented, highly skilled, and experienced professionals without borders.

e. Flexibility

During the collaboration, developers outsourcing dedicated teams can quickly adjust to project changes or any requests from your company. Moreover, even while the project is ongoing, you can easily expand or reduce the team’s scale as needed. 

Dedicated offshore developers work very flexibly.

The flexibility provided by hiring an offshore dedicated team is certainly superior to the complexities of hiring in-house IT employees with intricate recruitment and termination procedures.

Steps By Steps: How to Hire Dedicated Offshore Developers?

Step 1: Define your project requirements and goals

Before searching for an offshore development team, you need to make clear your project’s goals and requirements. Without this clarity, hiring dedicated offshore developers can be both costly and time-consuming.

Things you need to determine before looking for dedicated offshore developers are your specific desired outcomes, timeline, and budget. You also need to identify the type of product that you want to determine the necessary technological tools you will need.

For example, if you require an MVP in software development but are unsure how to proceed, the developers outsourcing a dedicated team will base their work on your specific goal to identify the essential tasks.

Step 2: Market research

With affordable labor costs, Asian developing countries are considered “havens” when it comes to hiring dedicated offshore developers. However, each country’s workforce has its characteristics.

For example, India is a country with many skilled IT professionals. Indian developers earn lower salaries compared to their American and European counterparts. Yet, Indian specialists often possess specific skills that are valuable for supporting certain tasks.  

Research the market carefully to choose the most suitable partner.

Vietnam is also a popular destination for companies seeking competitively priced and quality offshore development teams, especially in software development, website building, and AI. Meanwhile, Indonesia offers development teams at costs 50% to 70% lower than in the United States, with Indonesian IT specialists being proficient in various programming languages like Java, Python, and JavaScript.

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With nearly 20 years of experience in software and IT outsourcing, Luvina understands the needs and expectations of businesses when hiring dedicated offshore developers. Therefore, Luvina is committed to providing reliable services with the highest quality and most competitive prices.

If you have any inquiries or need consultation regarding hiring an offshore dedicated team, you can contact Luvina right away for assistance. We look forward to partnering with you in finding a talented team of development experts.

Step 3: Find and evaluate potential offshore development partners

When searching for an offshore dedicated development company, it’s essential to consider factors such as reputation, expertise, cost, and contact information. Working with experienced teams in the area you want to develop your product, with a reasonable budget, a common communication language, and operating in the same time zone will undoubtedly make your collaboration easier.

Search for partners on freelance websites.

You can find potential partners on freelance service websites such as Upwork, Toptal, Guru, and so on. After having a list of potential partners, you should look for reviews, and customer feedback, and contact them directly for more in-depth discussions before making a long-term collaboration decision.

Step 4: Choose your offshore development model for your project

After identifying potential partners, it’s time to discuss with the IT outsourcing provider about the team model you desire.

There are 3 main offshore software development team models, each suitable for different customer needs:

  • Fixed Cost Model: The business pays a fixed fee for the team of developers to complete the project within an agreed scope and timeframe.
  • Dedicated Development Team Model: A team of developers hired by the IT outsourcing company and directly managed by the client. This team collaborates with the onshore team to execute the client’s project based on the agreed budget and timeframe.
  • Time and Material Model: The business pays for the time and resources the project requires. The offshore development team then carries out the project within the agreed time and budget.

Step 5: Manage and monitor your offshore development team

After having your team of developers, it’s essential to regularly ensure the project is on the right track.

Regularly monitor and update the project.

Some key metrics you should pay attention to while working with offshore development teams are:

  • Deadline: Compare the actual project progress with the expected timeline.
  • Product Quality: Check if the product aligns with the project goals and if it includes the required functionalities.
  • Cost: Monitor the project’s adherence to the agreed budget and identify any needed adjustments.
  • Responsiveness: Ensure that the development team addresses issues promptly and provides immediate feedback on project-related matters.

Moreover, throughout the collaboration, don’t forget to maintain communication with your offshore development team by organizing regular online meetings to keep track of the project’s progress.


Hiring an offshore development team brings several benefits to businesses. Using this approach, you can save costs, have streamlined working processes, and gain the ability to access abundant skilled resources. You also have more time to concentrate on your primary line of work.

If you want to outsource and get top talent at a reasonable price, this is the best choice for you.

Above is the most detailed guide on how to hire dedicated offshore developers. Keep following us for updates on useful information about software services and IT outsourcing.

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