In today’s digital world, mobile app development is not only important but also an essential part of every business’s strategy. Especially, the use of the Flutter platform – a powerful cross-platform app development technology, has brought breakthroughs in optimizing performance and cost savings. In this article, we’ll explore the top Flutter mobile app development company worldwide.

Top Flutter Mobile App Development Company in Eastern Europe 

Eastern Europe has long been known for its outstanding technological advancements. Nowadays, several app development companies using Flutter have emerged, attracting developers and businesses looking to outsource. Here are the top three Flutter mobile app development companies in Eastern Europe for your reference:

1.  Innovatica 

   – Headquarters: Kharkiv, Ukraine.

   – Year Established: 2010.

   – Website:

Innovatica is a Flutter app and software development company in Ukraine. With a diverse team of experts experienced in building high-quality apps, they focus on using modern technologies like Flutter to create cross-platform compatible applications. Innovatica has worked with various clients across different industries, including Flutter app development, project management apps, e-commerce apps, and educational apps.

2.  Zartis 

– Headquarters: Dublin, Ireland.

– Year Established: 2010.   

– Website:

Zartis specializes in using modern technologies like Flutter to create unique user experiences across multiple platforms. Besides Flutter app development, they offer IT services such as building secure and compliant software, developing tailored software solutions, and designing high-impact strategies. Zartis has collaborated with both large and small businesses, including FexcoX, Global Share, Vromo, and Aylien.

3.  Ackee 

   – Headquarters: Prague, Czech Republic.

   – Year Established: 2012.

   – Website:

Ackee is a mobile app development company in the Czech Republic that focuses on creating innovative and responsive apps for businesses and clients. They have successfully developed apps in various fields, such as healthcare, sports, and entertainment. Ackee has worked with major clients, including Samsung, Audi, WWF, and Zonky.

Top Flutter Mobile App Development Company in Asia 

Asia is often considered a hub for IT outsourcing. Many reputable companies in Asia are ready to provide software development and mobile app development services, especially those using Flutter. Here are some of the leading companies in Asia offering these services:

4.  AppAsia 

   – Headquarters: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

   – Year Established: 2009.

   – Website:

AppAsia is one of the top Flutter app development companies based in Malaysia. They excel in cross-platform Flutter app development, combining it with advanced technologies. Their services span various industries, including big data, e-marketing, blockchain, and advanced mobile apps.

5.  OpenXcell 

   – Headquarters: Ahmedabad, India.

   – Year Established: 2009.

   – Website:

OpenXcell is a professional Flutter mobile app and IT software development company. With a team of over 500 developers and experienced experts, OpenXcell has completed more than 1000 software and mobile app projects for clients worldwide.

6.  Luvina 

   – Headquarters: Hanoi, Vietnam.

   – Year Established: 2004.

Luvina is one of the software outsourcing companies in Vietnam that utilizes Flutter in mobile app development. With a talented team and years of experience, Luvina ensures their products deliver top-notch user experiences. Luvina Software has achieved significant success in software outsourcing, including finance, securities, healthcare, electricity, e-commerce, ERP solutions, and partnerships with large clients in Japan.

Top Flutter Mobile App Development Company in Latin America

When it comes to Flutter mobile app development companies, Latin American software companies have a long-standing reputation for excellence in the IT field. Here are some of the top companies in Latin America providing high-quality services:

7.  BairesDev 

   – Headquarters: San Francisco, USA (with the main office in Buenos Aires, Argentina).

   – Year Established: 2009.

   – Website:

BairesDev is a global software and mobile app development company that offers software technology services like QA testing service, UX/UI, Flutter iOS app development, machine learning, AI, and data science. BairesDev has partnered with industry giants like Google, Adobe, Pinterest, HP, and more.

8.  Venture Leap 

   – Headquarters: Cologne, Germany (with an office in Bogotá, Colombia).

   – Year Established: 2018.

   – Website:

Venture Leap specializes in cross-platform mobile app development using Flutter and other technologies to provide top-notch digital technology services. They have engaged in projects in the tech startup and e-commerce sectors and have collaborated with over 1000 clients globally, helping them develop unique technology products.

9.  Elastacloud 

   – Headquarters: Medellín, Colombia.

   – Year Established: 2011.

   – Website:

Elastacloud is well-known for its experience in using Flutter to build high-quality cross-platform mobile apps. They’ve worked across various industries, from education and healthcare to e-commerce and technology. The services this Flutter mobile app development company provides to clients worldwide include intelligent apps.

Top Flutter Mobile App Development Company in Africa

Africa is home to several top Flutter mobile app development companies that offer a range of IT services. Here are some leading Flutter app development companies in Africa:

10.  Bluegrass Digital 

    – Headquarters: Cape Town, South Africa.

    – Year Established: 1996.

    – Website:

In Africa, Bluegrass Digital is one of the top software and Flutter mobile app development companies, providing services like CMS, staff placement, and hosting. They have contributed to various mobile app projects in different sectors, from tourism and education to e-commerce, working with brands like VCCP, Johnson & Johnson, Bio-Oil, Adidas, and more.

11.  iCode Technologies 

    – Headquarters: Johannesburg, South Africa.

    – Year Established: 2013.

    – Website:

iCode Technologies has extensive experience in the IT field, offering IT products and services to clients worldwide. It is renowned as one of the top Flutter mobile app development companies in South Africa. They have participated in projects related to the maritime industry, such as Air Freight Export Software, Cargonet ERP Software, Crew Management, and more.

12.  Andela 

    – Headquarters: Lagos, Nigeria.

    – Year Established: 2014.    

– Website:

Andela has a team of young and experienced professionals in the IT field, especially in mobile app development. They focus on training and providing skilled software developers for global businesses using technologies like Flutter. This Flutter mobile app development company in Nigeria has been involved in numerous international mobile app development projects, delivering high-impact cross-platform apps.


In conclusion, this article provides a comprehensive overview of the top Flutter mobile app development companies worldwide. Many outsourcing companies have embraced Flutter for cost-effective yet effective mobile app development. One such high-impact choice is Luvina.


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