With the vast potential and allure of Apple’s iOS ecosystem, finding a suitable partner for mobile app development becomes exceptionally important. In this article, alongside Luvina, we explore iOS app development company from various regions across the globe. This exploration aims to help businesses make informed decisions regarding suitable outsourcing options.

IOS App Development Company in Eastern Europe

The Eastern European region has long been known for its robust development in technology and software. Particularly, iOS app development companies in Eastern Europe have rapidly gained recognition due to their profound knowledge of technology and exceptional product quality. Let’s take a look at some leading iOS app development companies in Eastern Europe:


1. AppCraft

  • Headquarters: Ryazan, Russia
  • Year Founded: 2011

With a team of over 100 experts in iOS app development, AppCraft has swiftly established a strong position in developing iOS apps for both small and medium-sized businesses. They offer services like mobile app design for all Apple and Google devices, including phones, tablets, PCs, Watches, and TVs, UI/UX design, and backend development for iOS and Android apps.

2. Infinium

  • Headquarters: Croatia, North Macedonia, Slovenia, and more
  • Year Founded: 2005

Infinum is a multinational iOS and Android app development company headquartered in Croatia. With 18 years of experience, they have successfully transitioned from a startup supported by investments into a global corporation. Infinum’s expert team creates products recognized by prestigious industry awards like the Red Dot and Webby Awards. They focus on adopting new technology trends and implementing them in creating modern and exciting iOS apps.

3. Yalantis

  • Headquarters: Ukraine, Poland, Estonia, Cyprus
  • Year Founded: 2008

Based in Ukraine, Yalantis undertakes various iOS app development projects in industries such as fintech, healthcare, real estate, and more. They design iOS apps tailored to meet the specific requirements of each industry. With a team of over 500 software developers and IT experts, Yalantis continually enhances user experiences and delivers top-quality products to provide optimal value to their clients.

IOS App Development Company in Asia

With its remarkable growth rate, the Asian region is becoming a significant focal point for technology and cross-platform mobile app development, including iOS and Android. Here are some of the top iOS app development companies in Asia:

4. Tencent

  • Headquarters: Shenzhen, China
  • Year Founded: 1998

As one of China’s leading technology conglomerates, Tencent has made a global impact by developing several renowned iOS applications. They heavily invest in research and development to offer users an impressive experience. Tencent’s vision emphasizes user value, incorporating social responsibility into products and services, promoting technological innovation, and contributing to society’s sustainable development.

5. Wipro

  • Headquarters: India
  • Year Founded: 1945

Wipro is a prominent name in iOS app development within the technology sector in India. They have created customized iOS applications for international enterprises, covering business apps and financial solutions. Wipro’s services extend beyond mobile apps to include cloud computing, computer security, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, and various technology consultancy services in 167 countries.

6. Luvina

  • Headquarters: Vietnam
  • Year Founded: 2004

Luvina Software Corporation is an expert in designing, developing, maintaining, and operating information technology products for the Japanese market. Based in Hanoi, Luvina has cultivated long-lasting and close partnerships with diverse clients across various industries, including some of Japan’s largest enterprises. Luvina’s IT team consists of 750 members who are ready to provide top-quality iOS applications. Their rich experience and dedication are the driving force behind developing exciting iOS applications that distinctly showcase excellence.

Luvina not only ranks among the top 10 leading IT companies in Vietnam but also represents vision and creativity in the technology industry.

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IOS App Development Company in Latin America 

In the Latin American region, several software development companies are emerging with a focus on creativity and product quality. Here are three examples of such companies:

7. Belatrix Software

  • Headquarters: Argentina
  • Year Founded: (Year not specified)

Belatrix Software is a company that specializes in high-quality iOS and Android app development, with headquarters in Argentina and a network of offices throughout Latin America. They are known for their development of high-quality iOS applications. With a diverse team of technical and design experts, Belatrix creates apps that effectively meet user needs and market demands.

8.  Globant 

  • Headquarters: Argentina
  • Year Founded: (Year not specified)

Globant is a multinational software development corporation headquartered in Argentina. They have built a reputation for creating innovative IT products, including iOS apps. Combining creative thinking and technical expertise, Globant has produced captivating and efficient iOS applications.

9.  Ci&T 

  • Headquarters: Brazil
  • Year Founded: (Year not specified)

Ci&T is a global technology company with headquarters in Brazil. They have made significant contributions to iOS app development for businesses in Latin America. Focusing on delivering perfect technology solutions, Ci&T has created highly interactive mobile apps that meet market demands.

IOS App Development Companies in Africa 

While there are fewer iOS app development companies in Africa compared to other regions, there are still prominent names contributing to the tech industry’s growth. Here are a few well-known iOS app development companies in the African region:

10.  Andela

  • Headquarters: Lagos, Nigeria
  • Year Founded: 2014

Andela, established in Nigeria, has rapidly grown by training and recruiting talented programmers from Africa for international software development projects. Prominent brands have collaborated with Andela on various software development projects, including Goldman Sachs, Coursera, Viacom CBS, GitHub, Cloudflare, and more.

11.  Craft Silicon

  • Headquarters: Nairobi, Kenya
  • Year Founded: 2000

Craft Silicon, based in Kenya, has been active in the African technology sector for many years. They have developed a variety of iOS apps, from education to finance, providing real value to customers and the community.

12.  Flutterwave

  • Headquarters: Lagos, Nigeria
  • Year Founded: 2016

Flutterwave is a payment and financial technology company that specializes in developing mobile app-based payment solutions, including iOS apps. Flutterwave has achieved significant success by creating convenient and secure payment solutions for users and businesses, including online checkout software, online store development, POS systems, and more.


In conclusion, through this article on iOS app development companies worldwide, you gain a clearer understanding of the diverse iOS app development ecosystem. This insight provides many opportunities for businesses seeking high-quality outsourcing services. We wish businesses success in choosing the most suitable iOS app development company.

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