iOS app development costs vary from $40,000 to $500,000.

Calculating costs is tough. Because it depends on the project’s size, complexity, and scope.

This article is for you if you: 

  • Already have an app idea, 
  • Have researched average costs, 
  • And may have even discussed prices with service providers

If you have gone through all these steps and are looking for ways to optimize the iOS app development cost while ensuring app quality, the following article will provide you with some solutions.

ios app development cost
How to optimize iOS app development cost?

Understanding the Cost Factors in iOS App Development

Before considering cost optimization, you need to identify the expenses involved in an iOS app development project to plan it effectively. Don’t underestimate this phase as it will help you determine the scale and workflow to achieve the best results.

1. Breakdown of key cost components

Regarding the cost of iOS app development, there are essential elements that contribute to the total project cost. These include labor, tools, testing, and fees for the App Store.

The labor cost (developer salaries) depends on your team size. The larger the team, the higher the labor cost. Besides, experienced developers can guarantee the quality of work, but their salaries will also be higher.

Next, the complexity of the features of the app also affects your overall cost. Each feature takes resources and time to develop. Even with some applications that need to use 3rd party services, you also need to pay usage fees and API licensing fees.

Another fee that can affect the average iOS app development cost is testing and quality assurance. This process ensures the application runs smoothly. Testing is essential if you want to create a high-quality application. But this part will also increase the total cost.

Even after the app has been tested and is about to be released, you’ll also need to prepare the app store costs and some other post-launch costs to maintain the quality of the application.

When compared to the cost of developing Android apps, creating iOS apps tends to be pricier. This is because iOS needs unique design and coding that fit the Apple ecosystem. Additionally, there’s a yearly $99 fee to publish an app on the app store, whether your app makes money or not.

2. Impact of design complexity and feature scope on costs

The app’s design (UX and UI) is the initial impression for users. It should be attractive and user-friendly.

But complex designs mean higher costs. Because you need more time and resources to research your users if you want to provide a great user experience. All these raise project costs.

ios app development cost2
The more complex the design, the higher the cost.

3. The importance of time-to-market and its relation to cost management

It will take you from 2 to 4 months to develop a basic iOS app and from 6 months or more if your app has complex functions. In some cases, releasing the app sooner can lower your iOS app development cost. Additionally, getting your app to the market sooner allows you to generate revenue earlier.

Efficient Project Management Strategies

1. Agile development methodology

Agile development methodology can help you achieve the best results in the shortest time with optimal costs.

This method divides the project development process into several stages – requirements and research; design; development; deployment, and review. Each stage can be adjusted flexibly to fit the project. Breaking it into smaller stages also helps minimize hidden risks.

The agile development methodology benefits all stakeholders as the project results are continuously updated.

2. Clear project scope definition

The project’s scale affects the cost. The larger the project, the more budget is required. However, understanding the project’s scale can help you allocate resources, create specific plans, and identify priority features while cutting unnecessary tasks and costs.

3. Resource allocation and team collaboration

The larger the development team, the higher the app development cost. Therefore, you need to optimize the team size and composition.

A typical development team consists of 2-3 members, while larger projects may require 5-10 members. Each person has a different role, such as project management, UX/UI design, BA, … The more skilled the specialists, the higher the cost.

To optimize costs in this area, consider the priority features of the app and adjust the team members accordingly. Team members can also collaborate cross-functionally for streamlined development.

ios app development cost3
The team size also affects the average iOS app development cost.

4. Continuous Testing and Quality Assurance

Testing and Quality Assurance is a crucial process in app development software. This process involves not only bug fixing but also improving usability, performance, and security. The more frequent the testing, the quicker you can identify errors, avoiding costly issues during the final stages of launch. This will significantly reduce development costs.

5. App Store guidelines and pre-launch preparation

Once submitted, your app must undergo the app store’s approval process before it’s published. This step can last days to months. Also, rejection might occur if your app violates store guidelines. Make sure to understand Apple’s guidelines to minimize the chances of rejection.

The review and approval process can take a long time. Be prepared for possible delays in the release date.

Cost-Cutting Measures Without Compromising Quality

1. Leveraging open-source libraries and frameworks

In today’s world, open-source libraries eliminate the need to build elements like AI or GPS from the ground up. You just need to access these libraries and integrate the necessary components into your product. 

For example, when designing the UI, you can insert some ready-made patterns for graphics, making the app’s visuals more diverse.

2. Cloud services and infrastructure

Storing and accessing data will be more flexible with cloud services. Especially when you want to share information with a remote development team. Use cloud platforms for scalable and cost-effective solutions, and don’t forget to monitor and optimize cloud resource usage.

ios app development cost4
Using cloud services for better data storage and transmission.

3. Outsourcing non-core functions

Outsourcing the iOS app development team will help you save development costs. A reputable service provider will handle most of the labor costs for you. You just need to choose one carefully.

Luvina has 20 years of experience in IT outsourcing services. Our development team can create high-quality iOS apps for your project in a fast and cost-effective way. We have the expertise and experience to deliver the best solutions for your needs.

Luvina can help you estimate the costs based on factors such as project scale and complexity. From there, we provide solutions that match your requirements, timeline, and budget.

Luvina can be one of the best choices for businesses looking for an IT outsourcing service provider for iOS software development projects.

Realizing Long-Term Cost Savings

1. Maintenance and updates planning

To keep your application competitive in the market at all times, you need to plan for maintenance and continuous improvement. This ensures you can have higher quality products to meet market demands.

In addition to budgeting for the initial iOS app development, you also need to have a budget plan for updates after the launch. Make sure your updates are always compatible with the latest iOS versions.

2. User feedback and iterative improvements

After releasing the app, users will start using and reviewing it. Take advantage of user feedback as a basis for effective improvements. Regularly updating and enhancing the app based on user needs also makes them feel heard, thereby building user loyalty to the app.

ios app development cost7
Customer feedback is the basis for improvements and updates.

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With iOS, you can reach millions of users who love its fast, secure, and user-friendly features. Luvina can help you create an iOS app that suits your needs and budget.

If you already have basic knowledge about iOS app development costs, hope this article has provided the essential solutions for optimizing expenses without compromising the app’s quality.

For more detailed information about iOS app development costs or outsourcing expenses, please contact Luvina for consultation.


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