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Luvina Software is a company specializing in designing, developing, maintaining, and operating IT products for high-quality required markets like Japan. Luvina's head office is located in Hanoi and branches are located in Kanagawa (Japan). Luvina has cooperated with various clients in different industries and has been a long-term partner of large Japanese enterprises. We are constantly striving to continue to accompany and be a long-term, reliable partner for global customers.


+ years of establishment and development


+ employees


of the employee with Japanese language skills

Headquarter in Hanoi

Branch in Japan

Branch in Da Nang

No border exists in the internet.
We Luvina use the internet to provide cross-border software services, to introduce Vietnamese intelligence to the world, and to affirm our pride that Vietnamese can contribute to making this world become more comfortable and civilized.
Over 17 years building and developing, with a customer-centric perspective, Luvina has constantly improved the quality and productivity of our software services, becoming a top quality brand in Vietnam and top 10 Vietnamese IT companies in the field of software exports.
Luvina has been recognized by many Japanese customers as one of the few partners who can provide reliability and trust when they use our software services. Besides, Luvina is known as a reputable human resource training center, Luvina Academy, with over 13 years of experience.
Success is not the sole target that Luvina desires. What we aim at is a professional service, and practical value for our customers, thereby performing the mission of Contributing Vietnamese Intelligence to the world.

Le Quang Luong

Luvina Academy

For the purpose of expanding human resources as planned and ensuring the quality standards of personnel consistency, since 2008, we have continuously organized IT training courses at LUVINA ACADEMY with an average frequency of 2 courses annually for senior IT students and students from other majors such as electronics, construction, mechanics, finance, economics, foreign trade, etc.


Over 16 years of development, we understand that people play an important role in the success of the company.
At Luvina, each individual is respected, trained by predecessors or via the process system, job guidance, to work on projects with various profession, technique, and scale, etc. Thus, each individual can train their own ability to become a mature and useful person.

2022.08.30 Information


2022.08.01 Information

Luvina Software has become an f-partner of NRI Group

2022.07.18 Information

Organizing the 18th Birthday Party

2022.07.17 Information

Organizing the 2nd Luvina's Swimming Championship

2022.07.07 Information

Organizing the closing ceremony of the 29th Luvina Academy training course

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