The flow of software services is spreading all over the world.

Luvina's software services, built on the foundation of Luvina's core values, spread to every corner of the world. Our customers can enjoy the convenience of software services, and feel the joy of sharing Luvina's core values. Together we will have a prosperous life both physically and mentally, creating a happy world in which we can trust and be trusted.


Dedicate Vietnamese Intelligence to the world

We aspire to contribute our high quality software products and services to the world. We are commited to promote our employees' intellect and talents for this noble mission. By creating internationally recognized real value, we hope to give back to all the best the world has offered us. Besides, we strive to make a great impression on the world about Vietnamese technical level and professionalism in the software service industry, hence, gradually promoting the position of Vietnam in the world.


1. Responsibility
2. Lifelong training
3. Trust
4. Loyalty
5. Fairness

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