Superior and stable quality

We always strive to provide consistent and high quality products, placing the clients' trust as our first priority. Besides managing our quality in accordance with international standards such as ISO9001 and CMMI, we always understand the importance of human resource and prioritize traininig our employees continuously to improve quality. "The tenacious spirit that makes the project absolutely successful" is the principle and spirit that Luvina always aim for.

Stable personnel

To obtain human resources specialized for the Japanese market, we recruit excellent students from Vietnam's top universities such as Hanoi University of Science and Technology and provide Japanese and specialized trainings for 6 months in our own facility - Luvina Academy.

Long-term trusted partnership

We are a long-term partner that accompany our clients, as besides software development, we provide a full range of services for a product's lifecycle from design to maintenance and system operation.

Rich experiences in Japanese market

Since our establishment in 2004, we have put quality as the top priority to serve demanding markets like Japan. With our extensive understanding of Japanese business culture, we have gained numerous opportunities to cooperate and develop with many Japanese clients in different fields, from small and medium to large enterprises. We continue to strive to bring more value to the Japanese market.
① Language competency
• 100% using Japanese in communication with customers.
• Abundant personel with Japanese skills (40% of staff know Japanese)
• Our employees are always learnt Japanese and encouraged to improve their language skills
② Thorough knowledge of Japanese business culture
• Applying Japanese business culture throughout the company, from the managers to the employees of all departments.
• We are a software development company specializing for Japanese market.

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