Our Salesforce Consulting Services

When tailored to fit your needs, a Salesforce system with its diverse features can help your business achieve the desired efficiency. With a team of skilled professionals, Luvina, along with our Salesforce consulting services, will advise on optimizing your existing Salesforce system.

Using Salesforce consulting services is an opportunity to collaborate with skilled experts

Luvina pledges to apply expertise to support businesses in effectively integrating Salesforce, providing long-term business value with services such as:

  • Advising on essential Salesforce features based on business objectives: Whether you aim to shorten sales cycles, efficiently automate emails, or enhance customer service, we’ll recommend suitable Salesforce features to address all your challenges.
  • Suggesting the most suitable Salesforce edition: Luvina’s Salesforce consulting services will assist businesses in selecting the most appropriate Salesforce edition, fulfilling business needs without investing in unnecessary features.
  • Designing marketing, sales, and customer care processes within Salesforce to help businesses achieve their business goals with SFDC consulting services.
  • Building change management strategies: As one of the best Salesforce consulting companies, Luvina will empower users to master the new system by providing training programs, regular technical support, and timely assistance.

Why choose Luvina Consulting Service?

As one of the leading Salesforce consulting partners in Vietnam, Luvina specializes in providing tailored solutions designed to precisely meet businesses’ needs.

With extensive expertise, Luvina’s Salesforce development services can help businesses discover optimal methods to enhance customer interactions, streamline sales processes, and achieve outstanding CRM results.

Collaborating with Salesforce consulting firms will help businesses achieve successful Salesforce projects

We’ve continuously developed our Salesforce consulting business over the years to become a trusted partner for many clients. Let Luvina become your trusted Salesforce consulting partner to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Opportunity to access a team of over 750 skilled IT professionals: Luvina’s team can adjust its size to match project requirements.
  • Experience the best service quality: With ISO 9001 and CMMI Level 3/Dev certifications, Luvina is committed to providing top-quality services.
  • Work with experienced partners in various Salesforce consulting fields: With deep expertise, Luvina offers the best solutions for businesses in all sectors, including manufacturing, retail, banking, and healthcare.
  • High-security work processes: Luvina’s infrastructure follows international standards, ISO 27001, ensuring the highest level of protection for clients’ IP and data.
  • Time and cost-saving consulting services: Luvina’s accurate and timely solutions allow businesses to focus on core activities, optimizing operational and labor costs, and saving time on manual tasks.

Salesforce Solutions We Provide

1. Salesforce solutions for Sales

Focusing on automating sales processes to boost sales, Sales Cloud helps businesses increase revenue and grow rapidly. Some of Sales Cloud’s features include sales process management, sales forecasting, and contact management.

Utilizing the Sales Cloud, Luvina will provide powerful features to empower the sales team. The comprehensive toolkit Luvina offers ensures that the sales team has everything they need to work seamlessly on a unified platform.

To customize Sales Cloud, Luvina will leverage the Salesforce Apex programming language to address unique business needs. Additionally, Luvina utilizes the Salesforce Lightning Platform for faster app development and customization, creating a flexible platform with high security.

In addition to maximizing productivity, Sales Cloud by Luvina also helps businesses build and nurture customer relationships, adopt the right sales strategy, and boost sales effectiveness by automating complex processes.

2. Salesforce solution for Ecom

Salesforce Commerce Cloud, which was created specifically for e-commerce, offers clients a smooth interaction across a variety of commerce touchpoints, including websites, mobile devices, social media, and physical stores. One of the key offerings in Salesforce CRM consulting services is Luvina’s use of Commerce Cloud to improve organizations’ e-commerce capabilities in the modern day. 

Increase revenue and enhance customer experience with Salesforce

With features like Digital Storefronts, Commerce AI for Merchants, Customer Acquisition and Loyalty, Commerce Intelligence, and Commerce AI for Customers, Luvina’s Commerce Cloud product empowers businesses to confidently expand their commercial operations and provide an outstanding customer experience.

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3. Salesforce solution for Services 

With specialized knowledge in Salesforce, Luvina provides tailored Salesforce solutions for specific service needs. Not only does Salesforce’s solution for Services streamline operations by automating manual processes, but it also helps businesses deliver a seamless customer experience to foster strong customer relationships.

With Luvina’s assistance, businesses can maximize service productivity and enhance customer satisfaction.

To provide Salesforce solutions for services, Luvina will leverage the Salesforce Apex programming language and Lightning Platform for faster app development and customization. Moreover, the Salesforce platform is also easily integrated with other systems and ensures high security to protect service data.

4. Salesforce Application Development

Luvina will provide cloud computing services, focusing mainly on developing, deploying, and managing web applications through the Heroku platform.

Heroku, a Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud computing platform, makes app creation, launch, and growth easier and faster for developers. Apps on Heroku can easily scale to handle increasing user and data demands. Moreover, Heroku seamlessly integrates with other Salesforce products to synchronize data and ensure strong security.

By harnessing Heroku’s capabilities, Luvina assists companies in innovating client interactions through superior service experiences and increasing productivity to expand their businesses faster.


Our experts are eager to explore your needs.


1. What are Salesforce consulting services?

Salesforce consulting services involve meeting with businesses, gathering their requirements, and providing tailored solutions. Salesforce development consulting helps businesses expand their CRM systems and accelerate business growth.

2. How can a Salesforce consulting company benefit my business?

Salesforce consulting firms combine deep knowledge of Salesforce with a thorough understanding of businesses’ operations. After providing Salesforce consulting services, these firms will help with planning, deployment, implementation, and employee training and support.

3. What industries is Salesforce most suitable for?

Salesforce is suitable for businesses of all sizes, from small and medium enterprises to large corporations. Companies from various industries, such as retail, banking, industrial, etc., all find Salesforce suitable for their needs.

4. Can Salesforce be integrated with other software applications we use?

Salesforce seamlessly integrates with many other applications you’re using, regardless of their type or quantity. You can integrate Salesforce with numerous popular business applications, such as Slack, Mailchimp, Zapier, and more.

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