2021.06.17 Information

Introducing "Soliton SecureDesktop" (SSD) - Telework solution

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Does the pandemic affect your business? Will your employee's work be disrupted if they are quarantined? How do you manage your employees?
Luvina Sofware Joint Stock Company with our empathy, honor to introduce our customers "Soliton SecureDesktop" product - a great solution for working from home.

Using our service, your company will say NO to interruption, will be calm with Quarantine, will be assured of the QUALITY that the product brings.
Our product - "Soliton SecureDesktop" is a software produced for Work from home. SOLITON recieved Grand Prize in the field of Security at Interop Tokyo 2018. This product is trusted and used by more than 2300 business and over 700.000 users in Japan.

3 outstanding features of "Soliton SecureDesktop":

Functions of "Soliton SecureDesktop":
1. A major breakthrough in computer image data transmission by compressing the input image, passing it through the transmission line, and decompressing it at the output. So even though the transmission line is narrow, it can still be used normally.
2. Only allow transmission of screen images to remote access computers, not being able to access inside the computer network. Being absolute security because no VPN was established.

For more product details, please visit the website:: https://www.luvina.net/ssd/index.html

For any information, please contact Email: product-support@luvina.net

Address: 4th Floor, Hoa Binh Tower, No. 106 Hoang Quoc Viet, Cau Giay District, Hanoi, Vietnam.

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