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Luvina Software Japan Joint Stock Company was established in 2008, is the branch office of Luvina Software Joint Stock Company (headquarter in Hanoi). Since its foundation, Luvina in Japan has carried a very important responsibility of training and supporting Vietnamese engineers to onsite at the client company in Japan, so far that role has never changed. change. We have support activities ranging from consulting on daily life to job training activities such as Japanese language training, learning about Japanese culture and working codes of conduct, helping the Young engineers can develop their capabilities at the client's company. Our continuous efforts to provide customers with better and better software development services is our aim.
Along with the expansion of the whole company, in order to better meet the needs of customers, from 2020, the team of Luvina in Japan has been added a member who is a Japanese engineer.



Software development service

Luvina in Japan provides software design, development and maintenance services. We can provide a variety of development options depending on the needs of customers such as sending people from headquarters to corporate offices in Japan or onsite members support at client companies, etc. The training and management of onsite members is one of the important roles of Luvina company in Japan.

Human resource services

Luvina Company in Japan is providing 2 types of human resource services as below.

① Recruit new graduate student
We can introduce and send outstanding engineers who graduated from Luvina Academy - Luvina's human resource training facility - to the client company to work in the form of recruiting new graduates.
② Recruit experienced people
With our extensive candidate network, we can recommend and dispatch Vietnamese engineers that match the needs of our customers.


Greetings from our General Manager

Welcome to Luvina Japan official website.

Luvina Japan is a legal entity located in Japan of the offshore development company with headquarters in Hanoi.
Realizing that "Intercultural communication" is one of the keys to the success of offshore development, we hope to become a bridge to bring more trust between the headquarters of Luvina in Hanoi with customers in Japan.

Japan is about to enter the age of an aging population which there is no country in the world has ever experienced. It means that Japan will be lack of an extremely important factor for economy development - HUMAN.
Faced with this situation, for a society where, up to now, the main workforce is men, creating a foundation can promote the capacity of many other objects in society such as women, foreigners, people with disabilities, the elderly etc. are becoming an urgent problem. As a company providing Vietnamese human resources, we wish to contribute our knowledge and experience to Japan.

It can be said that this is an era is unpredictable, from the Corona pandemic to digital transformation, a lot of things are beyond human expectations, but we - Luvina Japan always value great importance of human resources ​​and want to continue contribute to society.

company profile

Company overview
Company name Luvina Software Japan Joint Stock Company

213-0012, Room 612 Nishi - Kanagawa Science Park (KSP), 3-2-1 Sakado, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken

Date of establishment February 29, 2008
Representative General Director    Kusumoto Saori

Human Resource Dispatch No: HA 14-301491

Paid Job Introduction No: 14-YU-301609


40 people

Fields Manpower Supply - Software Development Services - System Maintenance and Operation for Japanese Market


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