Role of onsite member

Onsite means Luvina members work permanently at a customer office in Japan. In addition, to Offshore development services that help customers optimize costs, Luvina also provides Onsite services that help fulfill the diverse needs of customers with benefits of being present. Through the Onsite service, Luvina will provide human resources for the Japanese customers via contract/term method depends on the customer's wishes. Moreover, Onsite members can be not only BSE (Bridge system engineer), but also Engineers to work from design to development steps according to customer needs.
Development structure

Benefits of onsite services

Increasing the efficiency in communication

・ Communication will be much easier and faster without differences in timezone and distances.
・ Face-to-face communication allows both parties to confirm each other's understanding more effectively and the tasks can be done with more confidence.
・ The presence of a Development team representative at customer's office will increase assurance when discussing issues regarding project management or the implementation schedule.
In fact, at the first stage of offshore development, the client always wants a Project Manager (PM) or an bridge system engineer to work onsite to accelerate and ensure planning phase (including discussion, brief design, basic design...). The length of Onsite maintenance time and holding time are totally up to customer's needs.

Disadvantages of Onsite
The cost will be higher but efficiency will be improved clearly.
We will always support customers according to their needs.

Support activities of onsite members

Group class
The class, held 2 times a month, is attended by Onsite members, .
Luvina Japan's Japanese teachers will be in charge of teaching, with diverse topics such as Japanese culture, Japanese language and knowledge of the project.
<Main purpose>
The class will be a place for Onsite members to share and learn how to solve problems happened when working at client companies. When a foreigner works at a Japanese company, it is very important to understand the cultural differences. Japanese teachers will present how to communicate and Japanese culture and business practices via diverse topics.
On the other hand, Onsite members have to be away from their family and work alone, so -> hence, give them chance getting together plays a very important role in psychological support.
<Group class topics >
Learning Japanese language, culture and business practices. Introduce about the projects that the member is participating in.
Status of residence
Vietnamese Onsite members will go to Japan in the form of "rotation" from Luvina headquarters to Luvina Japan branch and work as an employee of Luvina Japan. Regarding the status of residence, Luvina Japan will be the guarantor and undertake the apply/get the residence status as Technical/ Humanities/ International for the Onsite member.
Take care of Onsite members daily life
In order to help Onsite members start living in Japan smoothly, Luvina Japan provides accommodation and necessary living utensils.
Furthermore, if therer is any problem, Onsite members can shared it with Japanese member of Luvina Japan easily.

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