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Middle management - Team building

Explanation on the nature of a Team

  • Difference between Group and Team
  • There is no "magical moment"
  • It takes a process to make a team
  • Embrace the ooze-through spirit

Difference between Group and Team

  • A Team is the collection of people who act proactively, with each person leveraging their own capabilities. Those capabilities compliment each other, creating a collective power that strives towards the achievement of the project’s common goal.
  • A Group is the collection of people who act unconsciously in a disorderly manner, or who only follow orders from a Leader.

There is no "magical moment"

  • There is no such thing as a magical moment that turns a group into a team. There is no end point to the process of forming a team, it is a never ending road. A team is formed slowly so you cannot feel the change in just a single moment.
  • Some people try to make a team out of parties or inspirational talks by the Leader. This method is not wrong but it is not simply enough.

It takes a process to make a team

  • A team is born from a every day on-going process with normal activities, there will be ups and downs along the way but it is important to keep the trend going

Embrace the ooze-through spirit

  • What makes a team grow?
  • Many problems will occur during a project, a team will be trained and will grow through these problem-solving activities
  • Problems are catalysts for the growth of the team, they should not be considered burdens and should not be solved by only the Leader. Realize the problems from early on and use the collective strength of the whole team to solve them. This is how a team should be.
  • Do not expect to solve all the problems at the same time, be patient and tackle each smaller problem one by one, during which there will be small successes and even small failures. The small successes will radiate and be absorbed just like water is absorbed by a paper (ooze-through). This is the ooze-through spirit.


  • Practice 1: Discuss to see if you are operating as a Group or a Team.
  • Practice 2: Has anyone seen the magical moment? If yes, tell everyone about it.
  • Practice 3: Find out if the ooze-through spirit is present in your team.
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